Adventures of Setren

Welcome to Adventures of Setren

Adventures of Setren is a game set in medieval fantasy, with comic-like graphic. What makes this game so interesting is that it takes a different approach than the common games found everywhere now, as instead of focusing on realistic graphics, it trys to keep things simple, to show that simplicity is also fun.

The main story currently is to find the famous, magical gold ingot, giving its owner eternal youth. Many have tried to gain it, but none ever returned. Are you the one returning?


-A level system: To progress through the story line there is a level system which guides you through the areas, as having a too low level could potentially get very dangerous.

-A map system: Travel over the whole world of Setren in 2D style.

-An item system: Use different items to lead your character to victory.

-A class system: Use different classes to find the gold ingot of youth.